Buro de Peper

adventures in technology and design

Our commercial work usually results in a website (of sorts). Our parents think we create websites, but it's the (of sorts) that gets us excited. Let me explain.

Browsers (or web technology to be precise) have evolved at such an enormous pace that the term "website" simply isn't sufficient anymore. There's a good chance that the apps you use on a daily basis are actually "websites" in a wrapper; powered by javascript, html, css, and the cloud. And those are just a few of the tools in our arsenal.

We create solutions that revolve around interaction. We actively avoid cliches and challenge ourselves (and our clients) to allow new, unconventional and imaginative ideas. Interested?

Contact us via david@burodepeper.nl
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So, what's going on?

a small selection

For one of our favorite clients, Studio Roosegaarde, we are upgrading their website to be more responsive without disturbing the original identity and experience developed in collaboration with Paul Swagerman.

Our open-source efforts are focused on the language-markdown package for the Atom editor (by Github), and on improving the usability of the Hack typeface for source code.

The online magazine ToeZine (designed by VormVijf) was recently upgraded to be fully responsive. An interface upgrade to switch to a continuous flow of publication is underway.

The Sound Poster 2.0 (in collaboration with Trapped in Suburbia) is still going strong and has achieved international recognition. The poster is powered by a Raspberry Pi and programmed in Python and creates music when touched.

Our current secret self-initiated projects include a game that doesn't have to be played, a piece of furniture inspired by quantum entanglement, and something weird that involves multiplayer and procedural generation.

David van Gemeren

the brains and the muscle

The driving force behind Buro de Peper is David van Gemeren (1983). After graduating from Rotterdam University in 2008 with a bachelors in interaction design he soon founded Buro de Peper.

Collaboration has always been a defining factor in David's evolution and success. His abilities in both technology and design allow him to adapt his role in a team, and to facilitate clear communication between clients, users, designers and even programmers. He's often described as an intellectual, a creator, a thinker, and also a dreamer.

In his spare time David is often found in the company of cats. He likes books, tea, prosecco, plants, mathematics, and he occassionally publishes his creative writing (mostly Dutch) on his blog Pee Break Poetry. It's rumoured he is a great conversationalist, sorted into Ravenclaw, and he can type really fast!